We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors;
we borrow it from our children.

African Proverb

david solie

David Solie, artist and visual conservationist

I am a Visual Conservationist, Untethered English Major and Cat Fluent artist who has traded years of watercolors and paper for the “brave new world” of iPad Painting. It has been a disruptive, inspiring and deeply gratifying transformation that has an artistic life of its own.

For me, conservation, which I define as our spiritual duty to protect and sustain our biosphere, has no sides. We and our children are living in a biological Pompeii, going about our human business amid the increasing tremors of a pending, incomprehensible disaster.

A large part of my work as a digital painter tells the story of this armageddon from the biosphere’s perspective. In the telling, I assume the biosphere never had any intention of going down with its earthly ship. Rather, I see it as gathering up what’s left of its life stew and heading out to find yet another garden plot in the galaxy, saddened but relieved, knowing it did all it could before it was too late.

Other parts of my work circle around three other aspects of life that have caught my attention: trees, cats and metaphors. What I love about these entities is that they resist containment and interference, choosing simply to present their equivocal nature and leave the rest of us to draw our own conclusions.

I fear the worst. I hope for the best. And honor the miracle of life…

Pax et bonum

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